Thursday, December 18, 2008



people who are confident, shut up. no one wants to hear about it. there is nothing i hate like someone calmly talking about how what has really made his or her life work is a strong foundational layer of self-esteem, which, even when it's shaken, never falls down. especially when they say it like they're proud of themselves.

when someone wins the lottery (and face it, confidents: you have), if they are nice, they don't start talking to their poorer friends about how glad they are that they have all this money. they acknowledge it with some humility when appropriate, and then they talk about something else.

/barnacle. i don't really mean this. except when i do. and for the record, i'm enormously pleased with my own strides toward okayness, but i don't talk about it all the time. jeez.


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