Friday, February 15, 2008



i love this, but among the very many who are as distant as they are dear, can't think of a single one who would be game.

school is sucking, but i think it's temporary. we have this big test, an oral exam that covers the entire year to date in 30 minutes. i am a studying fiend. i have made flash cards.

it's not just the exam, though. it's the feeling that someone big, a collective noun, wants me under their boot heel. say what i will about the fierce insanity of the east coast school, they didn't give a shit about my private life and always treated me fairly. this place wants to control my summer job, my uterus, and my eventual career goals. there may be a little less showboat-performing of knowledge i don't have a secure grip on, but there's far more subterfuge in terms of pretending to like everything on my plate.

(and it's not all yummy.)

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