Friday, April 06, 2012


things i don't want to forget.

if most of these are about miles, it's because it's things about him that seem so worthwhile, and so fleeting; most of my work feels neither (it's not so bad, it's just not yummy right now), and most of my other good stuff feels blessedly solid. but some things that are going by quickly:

muffins are foofins.

miles asks me to sing ABCs in the bath and plays piano on the tub edge. enthusiastically.

i ask for a kiss at night after stories, and he says no but coyly pulls his pacifier out and offers me his lips for a smooch.

everything ends in -y, a habit i thought was something that saccharine parents forced on their children. nope. huggy. doggy. hard-y (that is, when something is difficult). rolly (roll around on the ground with me). warmy.


"nope." often in groups, as in: "hey, put a shirt on." (calmly:) "nope. nope. nope."

affis, pro. "OFF-eese".

yeowm. yeowm.

yoom yoom! (not to be confused with yooping up the yooper.)

yeowm yeowm.

his kitty named "mouse." he named her!

family hugs. and that he wants them.

i will think of more, and there will be more, every week. at fourteen months, i was a little disappointed that he only had four or five words. and then, blammo! by eighteen we couldn't count them all, and now we have sentences. usually some version of "i like it!" "i want it!" "i have it!" but also: "i cleaning!" (usually a lie.) "daddy sleeping." etc.

i suppose, in a way, posts like these are the uninteresting story of our happy family, undistinguished and only meaningful to us. i'm okay with that. i had no idea how good this was going to feel.

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