Saturday, September 27, 2008



there is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

like lots of people, i know of two brands of bra that always fit, no matter what. that doesn't keep me from occasionally reading the reviews of the bras, to see how other people liked them. i am also a pretty open-minded sort. that doesn't keep me from being a little surprised when the review is from a man:

"Due to a medical condition I wear a bra. While shopping for another bra my wife saw this one and suggested I try it (she has one like it). It fits well, feels nice and gives me the support and comfort I am looking for. Men, if you have gynemastia and are secure in your masculinity you should try this bra. It is a good choice!"

How often do you shop at Frequently
Are you a Macy's Credit Card holder?: Yes
What is your age?: 50-60
What is your gender?: Male
0 of 2 people found this review helpful."



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