Wednesday, July 16, 2008


on "demand."

i'll admit to being something of an anglophile, and the philia definitely includes the BBC. i particularly love owen bennett-jones (owen bennett-jones! there is no better name!) of the BBC World Service.

i've found a few gems periodically in the on-demand section of our cable DVR box, and i was scouting around in there yesterday and re-noticed the BBC America stuff. perfect, i thought. a cup of tea! kippers! Harrods! that lady with the hats! and a certain dignity, perhaps, or attention to craft, that's missing from much of amerikan network television. the BBC.

this is what was on demand from BBC America:

"britain's worst teeth"

"i'm a boy anorexic"


"my small breasts and i"

the last one was juxtaposed, perhaps understandably, with "my big breasts and me." apparently compliance with the rules of grammar is inversely proportional to boob size. actually, the take-home here is almost certainly: appending "America" to anything pretty much guarantees it's going to feature 476 pound teenagers and secret female bodies.


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