Friday, April 18, 2008


did you know

that my insurance covers pregnancy, but once the kid is ex-utero, they're like, whatever. got a kid? your problem.

this is probably pretty normal, but we're already paying out of pocket for dependent insurance for the monkey. also, did i mention the onsite child care here has a massive waiting list, only takes kids full time and charges a tuition equal to our rent?

i mention all this only because. we are sort of. thinking about. maybe in the near future.

but seriously, not until after coursework. and really, i think, not until after my exams, which means not even trying until year after next. it's just very exciting and hard to conceal when it's all you can think about when you're not thinking about your scary advisor or postmoderism and the fracturing of the real.

in other news, episodes of weepy old-cat-ladyism are on the decline. for now. the monkey, god bless him, declared last night date night. actually, it was a triple-header date night: really good pizza, a movie, and bowling (and yes, i picked all three). it was possibly more money than poor people should spend in an evening, but we made judicious use of coupons. i know you're dying to know if he put out, but i'll never tell.


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