Friday, June 29, 2007


last day girl.


it's always sort of odd; i can't pretend i feel a strong attachment to this place, but anywhere you spend this much time for this long eventually puts some tendrils out and starts climbing on you. there are some kind, funny, smart people here, and i've seen them more, and more consistently, than i've seen most of my friends over the last two years. that's just always how it is.

so it's always a little weird to leave. and funny-feeling to care even that little bit, given that minimizing or leaving dayjobs behind altogether has been a major goal of the last eight or so years. maybe it's a little like new york. even something you don't like gets hard to leave eventually. hard in spots, at least.

this last day has the potential to be my last day at a real day job, ever. i kind of don't think we're there yet--there are summers to get through, and god knows what happens after graduation. but as the monkey said this morning, the next one will be a career. i kind of hate that word, but he's right. the gulf between what i do to buy the groceries and what i do to be me is about to close significantly.

bye, m1cr0s0ft. somehow, you made me not hate you. stay sweet and have a great summer, but don't keep in touch. i'll be okay.


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