Wednesday, May 23, 2007


something unpleasantly blue.

i'm not one of those bride-os who care a whole lot about the fricking postage stamp on the invitations (no offense if you are one yourself), but a certain sense of aesthetics led me to cringe when my square, delicately green envelopes required this this stamp (in addition to the unremarkable, neutral-colored liberty bell):

nothing says classy wedding like a big blue mountain goat.

to top it off, after taking the invitations to the (giant, 24/7, palace-looking) post office on 8th avenue(remember the crying?) to have them weighed and assessed, the post office in st. louis gave the monkey a different number for the amount of postage required for the envelopes when he went to mail a few hand-addressed stragglers himself. the postage they quoted him was what i was afraid it would be after the postage hike/restructuring; the one given me was twenty cents less and i stamped the bulk of them accordingly last week. i don't know who was right, but:

nothings says classy wedding like sending sixty invitations postage due.


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