Wednesday, May 30, 2007


if you suffer from wedding fatigue,

go buy a tiara from a random shopfront in the garment district. even if you are pretty sure you won't wear it, and are extraordinarily discomfited admitting publicly that a tiara is something you desire in any sense of the word.

this one time, i saw an actress wearing a sparkly thing in her hair--it might have been audrey hepburn, but it may also, similarly embarrassingly, have been alexis bledel of gilmore girls fame--and it looked classy, not like an overblown princess issue. i keep thinking there's a way to re-create this, even as tiara selection fails to impress, even as i grow a little shorter every time i say "tiara" in public.

i remember telling sus that i wanted to wear one someday, for something (i was thinking more like Ridiculous Party Dress night, not a wedding--although RPDN is a pretty good wedding code name), and she gave me this little card that had one made of tiny bugle beads on it. i remember telling my friend bug, and she made me one out of her old prom jewelry, aluminum foil and a headband (i kept it for years, until we moved to new york). so maybe i'll just keep the (small, tasteful?) one i just bought in my desk drawer, and put it on every once in a while.

PS: only in manhattan can you be on your way to a tiara store that came recommended, and pass by another tiara store, stroll inside and find out it's the place that supplies the miss universe contest with their tiaras, and find yourself referred to as "my nice lady" for fifteen minutes while you try on a bunch of modified fairy crowns. i'd have bought a lifesize plastic pony from those guys.


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