Monday, January 29, 2007


try to remember.

so, this happened a while ago, but i was just apprised via a subway advertisement: when jerry orbach died (too soon, way too soon), he donated his eyes.

if there were ever a reason i would wish for my sight to be endangered (which: i know, of course not), it might be so i could have the cornea of lenny briscoe. especially since you just know dick wolf would get off on doing some kind of stunt casting where the young women who have jerry orbach's eyes do a stint on Law & 0rder as under-5s.

if only he had donated his agent. although i'm probably nowhere near the top of the transplant list for that one.

confidential to the gallivanting monkey: did you watch the SAG awards? i quoted you on my sofa. i can't find a photo, but cate blanchett definitely failed not to rock it. my god.


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