Friday, January 12, 2007


old ladyship.

reader, i am losing my hair.

literally. i mean, it's been coming out in the shower so much that i got concerned and made the monkey promise to tell me if it started looking thin. over a year ago, i got this terrible haircut where the lady thinned my hair out with those awful thinning shears. i kept waiting for it to recover, and it never really has--plus the massive shower shedding, plus i have this one aunt who, by her forties, had next to no hair. there are clearly some bad hair genes on one side.

i asked a college friend who hasn't seen me on a daily basis in a while if she could appreciate a change, and she said yes. so my mom bought me some very expensive vanity shampoo and i'm trying to make sure i take a vitamin every day and eat things other than baked potato chips.

here's the thing: while i was at home, even before the special shampoo? i checked the drain for hair after every shower as is my wont, and there wasn't a single red-headed nest in the strainer. i lost no hair on vacation. and my skin cleared up.

school is turning me into a bald person with acne and heartburn. or maybe it's new york--the hair thing started over a year ago.

i must relax. and yeah, go to the doctor--i'm on it--but, jeebus. if it's going to be one of those YOU MUST RELAX things, i don't know what i'm going to do. i've been trying not to be so stressed out since i was eight. i am unconfident of my ability to operate within another paradigm. maybe i will just get some wigs.


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