Tuesday, January 23, 2007


my three favorite emails. of today.

the first one came from internal technical support at my [gigantic redmond-based monopolizing] employer:


We have resolved the issue. Kindly let us know if the issue has been resolved.

Thank you

The second came from a new friend from school:

OMG thanks. i had a great time hanging out last night; thanks for everything. PS I dreamt
about your wedding last night and it was amazing, so dont worry because I tend to be psychic, no really, im a scorpio. xoxo

i was just curious about whether i end up wearing a veil, so i asked for details:

hi okay, well actually you weren't wearing a veil, but you looked stunning, your hair was very vibrant and there were actually pics of you and the monkey in piles of leaves which the monkey and i both thought looked amazing with your hair. Your dress was strapless and stunning and sort of heart shaped at the top and then fitted and the skirt was a little poofy at the bottom, but the shape was simple very elegant. The ceremony was flawless and the reception was really fun, but there was this annoying period between the wedding and the reception in which the monkey's two older female relatives sort of tried to make people eat weird food like fried chicken from buffet tables and my mom changed out of her dress to do yoga which was really rude and annoying, but when we got to the reception hall which was down a spiral staircase in a very happening part of town, everything came together. PS you weren't stressed at all, not even about the monkey's female relatives or my mom. I would just make sure that you have someone taste the reception food if you have not already. Otherwise, I had an amazing time!

so. good to know.


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