Wednesday, September 07, 2005


and so it begins.

the couch came.

may not seem like a big deal to you, but this is the single most expensive thing i've ever bought that wasn't an apartment. sofa-things are way more expensive than i thought. when we knew we needed a couch for the new apartment, there were almost no options between the ikea futon sofa and upwards of a thousand bucks.

sometimes, i can't believe i can even type "thousand bucks." being so well-off you can use that kind of money for something to sit on, even if it's yours because someone died and gave it to you and home is a nice thing to make, makes me a little bit queasy.

but i did it, so i guess i'm not so above all that.

also, the man came today and planned the ikeazation of our gross pullman kitchen. about to be not gross! anonymous and birchy, perhaps, but not. gross. for the amount of time it's taking and worry involved, though, i feel like we are gestating and birthing the kitchen, not buying it.

you're all invited to the kitchen warming/cookie party we're throwing in december. the first time we had the cookie party, we only invited one other couple, and they ended up practically getting divorced in the kitchen. the story of the second time i've already told. three: please be a charm.

(the show went great last night. no potatoes to speak of.)


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