Tuesday, August 23, 2005


swing low.

i'm done packing and i'm having a giant beer.

you know what i love?

taking a trip and not having to pack any of the crap we call "toiletries" because i am only going to family, and to friends, where i can use the shampoo and have a local toothbrush already in the drawer, and can waltz into someone else's bathroom to borrow the hairdryer.

that is the fucking best.

i thought today about how when christmas is coming, some days in seattle it's sort of colder and grey but it makes everything stand out, people cheeks and noses and their umbrellas, and their hand knit scarves and their pom-pon hats. you wouldn't think you could miss this, but it feels like it's a person. being in the still life while the drizzle condenses on the outside side of the windows. and it's not christmas right now. but it will be.


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