Thursday, August 11, 2005


potentially worse than an irish terrier dressed up as kelly bundy.

something that actors can be hired to do:

"The New Food Guide Pyramid Musical Program is a creative nutrition education program and winner of the New York State Certificate of Achievement Award (May 2004) for promoting all three of the Eat Well Play Hard (EWPH) core strategies. The program consists of a series of nutrition education classes in conjunction with rehearsals and a performance of an original nutrition/entertainment musical, The New Food Guide Pyramid Musical, performed by 3 actors and the school children themselves for the assemblies of the 4th and 5th graders. The musical emphasizes not only healthful eating habits, but also physical activity as an important component of a healthy lifestyle."

okay, so, i kept reading and they're looking for *child actors,* which seems negotiably less gross, or at least diminishes the chance that a recent graduate from some regional MFA program will be compelled by mounting student loan debt to contemplate dancing around as a dry salad or lean roast beef sandwich. i am most assuredly not against educational theatre, or theatrical education, but this "nutrition/entertainment musical" (wtf, mary?) seems likely to make everyone in its path a leetle dumber.

but still. i remember this one time i had an agent for about five months and the only time he called me was to see if i'd fit inside one of those cartoon character body costumes, the kind that are made from rigid plastic and have their own cooling unit, because a matress superstore or something was having a very important sale. that was gross.


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