Wednesday, August 31, 2005


i look like a dork in bike shorts.

and my thighs are sort of aching. but: i now own a bike. get ready, manhattan.

my p. in new orleans is okay, although she doesn't know anything about her house yet. i am thinking of her and trying to appreciate that however sad i get about leaving here, i'm returning to an intact household.

and the seattle trip provided more cud to chew on than i've previously implied. summary: people are in favor of graduate school. they support a certain hey-try-it-out approach, and don't seem to think i should be overly concerned about loans and useless degrees. and one wise, wise chum had this to say about my realization that half of why i do anything is so that i'll get a gold star next to my name:

"if you can get past that, sister, there's no end to what you can do."

we agreed it might be a lifetime struggle.

also, two of my most intuitive friends laid money that new york would grow on me in ways i can't currently imagine and that i will want to stay. i have to say this makes me kind of giggle, but . . . who knows, i guess. if i really am going to grad school--assuming i, you know, get in--i guess we'll be there for at least a short while.

mostly, they were very reassuring. things will be okay.

and pictures to follow of the best baby ever in the world.


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