Monday, August 22, 2005


and she saw that it was good.

the best one gave me a necklace with an ohm thingy that's going to protect me. i'm really looking forward to that. my friend molly brought me vodka from her trip to st. petersburg. an old friend brought me some paper to encourage me to write things down, and mith levy--who knows that poor girls want to be choosers and not beggars--brought me bookstore credit. and the table bought my mac and cheese. things could hardly have been better.

it is dawning on me, just how hard it is going to be to cohabit with success during my lean times. like most actors, even though i have a sincere love of language and respect for the tradition of performance and, you know, whatever: i am basically an approval junkie. and i am not feeling very approved, as you know, and living with someone who is doing a lot of basking has been sort of like eating a migraine cupcake.

he is very understanding. and i'm beginning to cut myself a little slack. so it's hard for both of us. eh. he'll make do. we're both trying to be as kind and gentle as possible, and that's enough.


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