Monday, August 01, 2005


and if he is a girl,

the best one and i had some brunch this weekend, and i talked her into going makeup shopping with me afterwards. the best one can't visit seph0ra without incurring serious damage, so i appreciated her willingness to put herself in harm's way so that i could investigate some facepaint. it was lovely, though, to run around the store with tissues and disposable sponges, yelling for each other to come try this. at the height of the madness, she pointed to a forty-dollar product called something like, "face perfector," and said, "how can i not buy this? i have to. it will make my face perfect."

she also mentioned that her fun and lovely elder sister is having another baby. this is great news. the sister will be visiting here later this month, and i'm looking forward to meeting her first kid, sam, who has an invisible friend named desiree who is a man.

one of the other cousins, the girly one who is like two years old and already gets excited about clothes shopping and toe-nail polish, had this to say about the impending arrival:

"when he cracks out* he will be a tiny milk milk baby and if he is a girl, we can put lip-gloss on him."

*we think that 'cracks out' is a piece of confusion regarding the delivery process, possibly born of seeing baby chicks come out of eggs in commercials for easter candy.


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