Monday, July 25, 2005


what am i?

okay. re: last week: not cool to avoid posting for four days right after getting a nice link boost, i know. but, come on. we had this date with each other from the beginning. if i occasionally take off for cigarettes, you have to know i'm coming back. don't be sore. i know you, al, and i know you're away nursing your grudges. come back to the five and dime, little sheba.

i went to sheila's reading on friday. i got there early enough to take a side trip to buy myself a cookie, and then was told i was at the wrong theatre. but i made it from union square to the west village in less than ten minutes. i had to crawl in late and i was a little sweaty, but that was okay.

at the intermission, a friend-acquaintance came over to chat, and then his agent walked by. F-A was kind and introduced me by name, and the agent said,

" . . . and what are you?"

my jaw sort of dropped. i wanted to say: man, i have only ever heard people say that to other people in movies about LA. gross.

we did the reading with the people last night. the plays were not so good. a couple were okay. most were not. a few of the actors were really good. most were not. the monkey got stuck in an awful dog.

"allison! what a surprise. what are you doing here?"
"theresa, i was just in the neighborhood and thought i'd stop by."
"allison, have you come to meet the baby you carried for me when it turned out i was infertile?"
"no, theresa. theresa, i have feelings for you."
"allison, i have always known this. but now my husband is coming in."

and then the monkey comes in and does a very small dance, and then leaves again so the two women can kiss, which they did not do but only read as a stage direction even though they blocked the rest of the short play with realistic/naturalistic movement.

"theresa, what are you doing?"
"allison, i am kissing you. but i have no intention of leaving george."
"who is george?"
"he was just in here dancing."


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