Thursday, July 28, 2005


on a happier note, puppets.

i saw the lion king on saturday. a friend was coming to town with a group of norwegian exchange students, and asked if i'd "chaperone" with him if he bought me lunch and a ticket to the show they were seeing. i didn't actually have to help with anything except subway advice, which was nice.

lion king: if the giraffe puppetsuits do not make you happy, your mother probably never loved you. the rest of it i could take or leave, but the giraffes were my friends--and i liked some of the garth fagan-ness of it all, especially the mid-air tumbling that was all about making the love. and also when the elephant came out of the orchestra pit and then was followed by a baby elephant. also the baby elephant puppetsuit was being driven by the little girl who played baby nala, and when she came up out of the pit following the mama elephant, her trunk was caught on the mama elephant's butt, and she was all: whatever, i'm an elephant, i don't care about butts.


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