Tuesday, June 21, 2005


i'll do anything for love, but i won't do that.

the audition this morning went okay--not sucky, but not as good as i felt in rehearsal, which was frustrating. i like this group, or at least the idea of it, and i sort of wanted to hit it out of the park. still, she asked for a second piece. "something contrasting," she said. i paused, and then asked:

"like, less freaky? or . . . more funnier?"

identifying myself in the space of six words as an unfunny freak who doesn't speak the english so good.

i know commenting on gossip column fodder isn't the done thing in the circles to which i aspire, but this came up on the google news page and i couldn't look away:

"'She announced,' Szish points out, 'that she's becoming a Scientologist and that she's embracing this religion. She's taking it very seriously. She's been passing out pamphlets at a hotel, an apartment building she was staying in, in L.A., and she's really adopted this full force. Hook, line and sinker.'"

so. passing out pamphlets? i'll admit some bias when the hubbardists are concerned, but there are a few things i think being a movie star should mean you never have to do again and one of them is: flyering. this seems like a major comedown. i would never be a part of a cult that asked me to flyer.


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