Monday, June 27, 2005


the great work begins.

i ordered the couch yesterday. i was going to link to it, but i'm sort of embarrassed by how much it costs. and not expensive like it's super nice and everyone should be impressed, but more like: what business do we have having this?

the best one told me yesterday that where she works with the Richest People In The World, one of her recent tasks was to schedule some guy a helicopter ride to the hamptons for the weekend. i guess a limo was too slow. the helicopter-taxi was eight thousand dollars.

that man laughs at my couch, and i mutter about his priorities.

so, i got a new job. i've been trying to get a new job for months. the job i've been working does not pay well, although they are absurdly kind about my lateness when auditions come up, and is practically full-time. the new job pays better, and is emphatically part-time. it's also a better commute. still, i kind of feel crappy.

for one thing, New Job insisted that i give my old job the shaft by leaving with only a few days' notice. old job happens to be going through a bad week. and they're friends, and good people, and i'm sort of screwing them. i'm trying to make up for it by offering to work mornings here before my afternoons at the New Job for as long as it will help them out, which will mean working some longer-than-full-time days for a week or two.

on one hand, this is all just business crap. and capitalists get business crap sometimes. it's what balances their advantage as capital-holders who can fire people at will. it's the tat for the tit of underpaying me for a year. on the other hand, it kills me to do wrong to someone who's done me right. so i'm just trying to mitigate the karma damage.

also: this new job is software testing, like i did back in the day. i was never a computer head, so back-in-the-day i faked it until i had been around so long i could do enough of the dance so that i didn't stand out while collecting my sizeable paychecks. this new place appears to be balls-to-the-wall. they are for real, yo, and i'm quaking a little. i hope that once again i get big points for being cute and funny and that i can juggle-dance until i get my footing.

which, if experience is a guide, should take 2.25 years. but: unless i am incompetent and get fired, i will be Not A Secretary. i will be a skilled tradesman. i will not answer anyone's phone but mine. i will not be the first line of defense against disgruntled and condescending consumers. and i am amazed at how much difference that makes.


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