Sunday, September 12, 2004



yesterday i went to ground zero for the reading of the names. it was good when i found a quiet spot in st. paul's churchyard to listen. so many people were lost that it took forever to get through the levines and lopezes. all of it would become very real and very large all of a sudden, and then there would be some tourists taking grinning snapshots in front of the chain link fence around the giant gap in the city that's there now. also, some guy was dressed as thomas jefferson.

today is my two-year anniversary. i've never done that before. i asked the monkey if we could make cards for each other, and he seemed to see exactly what i meant. he made this beautiful card with cut-paper tulips and a vellum vase and gold foil. i wanted someone to make a project for me. check.

things are going well. the new shrink seems nice. it's almost the one-year mark, though, of my time here, and that's sobering. i take solace in thinking i'm doing a lot to help myself--i sent out a giant mailing today--but it bothers me to be a year without being in plays. and yeah, the show i'm doing counts, i guess, but barely. it's been exhausting lately. we've had meeting upon meeting and i am so not into running this company. not if everything has to be a consensus between the ten of us.

if you're not doing anything the first weekend of october, we're throwing ourselves an opening night.


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