Monday, August 30, 2004



if you were listening to michael hirsch on the brian lehrer show last friday, that was me asking about seymour hersch's ACLU address, and the assertion that young people were raped at abu ghraib. i managed to be less than articulate, but it wasn't really about me, so i guess that's okay.

i spent the weekend in massachusetts, sort of wrapped (initial typo: warpped) in a quiet familial bliss. my friends who have a great marriage just had a great baby. he's five weeks old, so new he still sort of smells like a Greater Power and AD&E ointment. the marrieds were so good to each other in what must be one of the top ten trying circumstances ever: the no sleep, constant feed and fuss newborn. the guy plans his day around doing small nice things for her; she gratefully accepts the help and doles out kindness and praise at regular intervals. it was all so good.

that, and the fact that we had sort of a necessary talk vacation while i was in new england made me think the monkey and i would be back on our better, newer page when returned to the city and we could finally chat on the phone. no. it was perhaps too late and i was inordinately grumpy about how hot the apartment was (really, though, it was ninety seven degrees in here when i got back--absolutely disgusting). he burned through his niceness waiting for me to get over the heat, and then we couldn't make our ends meet. we ended up hanging up sort of helplessly. i'm really lost on this one. i would really like for it to get better soon.


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