Tuesday, July 06, 2004


six of one . . .

if i were still comparatively rolling in it, like i was in seattle (o, hindsight! how often did i shop luxuriously at the queen anne thriftway?), i wouldn't ask the monkey to help out with birth control pill costs. not that there's anything wrong with expecting a partner to contribute, i just . . . you know, what happens in my body is my choice, my responsibility, yadda yadda. but i'm poor, so . . .

it turns out the pills and the netflix cost roughly the same per month. i'll pay for one; he'll pay for the other. entertainment budget? handled.

i'm sad tonight. it hasn't happened in a while, although i've been pining for the easier life of my past. right now it feels like i moved away from some good stuff to spend some time poor, stinky, tired and unsatisfied. not that i was never those things back home. on certain nights, the stretch of time ahead of me before any fulfilling work arrives is a scary prospect. and also, i'm home alone and watching star trek.

i was just proudly announcing to someone that i would be just fine during the monkey's twelve-week absence. i have things to do, projects i've neglected! tonight, though, i remember what it is to be a barnacle.


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