Friday, July 16, 2004



there were thunderstorms over the last few days. i missed my dinner date with miss pia, and as i ran for the train in my short pants and hiking sandals, i stomped through one of DUMBO's bad-paving puddles. the first one was an accident, but i aimed for all the rest because the puddles were warm. this place is so weird.

i remember liking living alone. i remember liking it a lot. i do not recall it being this depressing.

we saw farenheit 9/11 this week. i guess i thought i didn't need to rush out to see it, being part of the already-converted choir. i was wrong. i did need to see it. i also need to do some volunteer work.

sort of unrelated, and impossible to segue to: i got an email from this week noting that seymour hersh had addressed the ACLU and broke news that among the unreleased evidence regarding the prison abuses in iraq is tape of american soldiers sodomizing iraqi children. i can't quite formulate anything to say, other than: i've been googling appropriate terms and have come up with a remarkable lack of coverage in the mainstream media, and it seems appalling on top of heinous that no one is talking about it.


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