Tuesday, July 27, 2004


i'm back.

summer stock camp was lovely.  while i'm appreciatively envious of the monkey's green, non-pee-filled surroundings, i don't for a second envy him the experience of the show.  it's funny; the last time we were doing a piece he believed in, in an exotic location, but the overall professionalism of the show let him down, he was really irascible.  there, in the catskills, he seems able to put up with community theatre actors and general low-calibre art.  it's sort of an curious lesson in what affects him most.  granted, he's got a clean and charming place to eat, sleep and shower, which we never had in scotland.  in the end, i suppose it matters to him that he's treated like a professional, even if the work isn't what he'd hoped.  i'd probably be the same way, but no matter how charming the bunkhouse, the crappy acting *would* bother me.

i saw eight deer.  i swam in the swimming hole.  we went to a county fair, complete with prize goats, sheep, cows and ponies.  there was a pig race.  we drank big plastic tumblers of budweiser.  we went on some mouse-themed rollercoaster (the monkey got so scared he had to stop holding my hand and hold on to the safety bar).

the next day i holed up and worked on the movie i'm making for the pretty princess, who is getting married on friday.  it is an assload of work.  i better get a prize.  if i can figure it out, i'll post clips here.

her dress cost seventeen hundred dollars.  i have no idea what would make that sound worth it, unless you were wealthy enough that it didn't matter.  jeez.  seventeen hundred bucks.  that's quite a week in paris.

being back home alone is sort of daunting, although i'm off tomorrow for seattle.   going back to seattle is always bittersweet; i hate feeling that the place has moved on without me, although i guess it would be weirder if everything were the same.   every time i return, i guess, i'll "belong" less and less.  i hope it's mostly lovely and only a small, complementary amount sad/nostalgic.  if you know of something happening going on that i shouldn't miss, you'd be doing me a favor by posting a comment.


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