Friday, June 18, 2004


where i work.

i came in yesterday really digging my new puppet job. the neighborhood rubs me the right way, and i think it's because there's no one out here. it's a pretty easy commute, but still: when i exit the train, there's old brick industrial buildings, funny old cafes with outdoor seating that looks like old automobile bench seats, and a river. there's also a park without a million people in it. there's a neighborhood without a million people in it, or a handful of crappy pizza joints or eleven 99 cent stores. i was ten minutes early yesterday and walked by the one (only one! not eleven!) deli, where there was an ad for a yoga and dance studio that turns out to be across the street.

i also love doing work with people who crack up a lot, even when it's pretty mindless office crapola. mindless office crapola lets me save my brain for other stuff. these guys are extremely okay with my weird schedule needs. and they make anti-george w. bush puppets. it's not enough money to get by on, but it is pretty great.

i was thinking all this yesterday morning, and loving it, and then the theatre/play development center where i fantasized about working since i first got into new york called to say there was an opening and did i want to work for them. sigh. drama job/job drama, redux. less whining this time, i swear. i'm conflicted, but i think as far as Employment Decision June 2004, i am a one-issue voter: health insurance, here, possibly, i come.


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