Friday, June 18, 2004


mystery bathroom.

i used to make jokes about keys to the executive washroom when i was talking about how i was likely never to have an important corporate job. there is a pretty cool bathroom here, though. it turns out one of the guys used to live in the office (but this isn't gross like the intern couch at my last job. it's a pretty cool loft space that would be great to live in). he lived here with his girlfriend, and to make it habitable, he constructed an illegal bathroom. the illegal bathroom has a jacuzzi tub in it. i've been told that i may use the jacuzzi, but if i do so to make sure to take out the tiffany lamp currently stored inside it.

the bathroom is a little odd, like secret illegal not-up-to-code bathrooms sound like they'd be, but the oddest part is that it's full of personal bathroom items, like prescription acne creams and mustache bleach. also, as those examoples might suggest, the bathroom items are distictly feminine. there's even some monistat anti-yeast medication.

who's stuff is this? does the girl who comes in to do shipping not have a bathroom in her squalid apartment in greenpoint, and does all her ablutions here at the office before i get in? it's possible. at this point, though, i'm working with the idea that the personal possessions of this girlfriend for whom boss guy lovingly constructed this bathroom, including the jacuzzi, have been left as they lay, shrine-like, from the day she moved out. boss guy seems a little lonely. maybe he's waiting for her to come back.


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