Thursday, June 17, 2004


i have an idea.

times square is a freaking mess, and i would never go there if i didn't have to. but i think if every tourist would just take a piece of trash with them as a remembrance, rather than take badly posed photos in front of the sony television billboard, that we could really make a difference.

my own houseguest not included. i'm not one of those people who has high school friends, but i do have kim. she's pretty awesome. i'm constantly amazed that in the inhuman maze of adolescence i had the wherewithal to pick her out--not because she wasn't awesome back then, too, but no one knew their ass from their elbow. there are still things i can tell her easier than anyone else, even though we missed a few years of each other's lives recently. she makes me not worry about how i sound. and that's funny, because an hour after she got here the monkey said that he had never heard anyone else i sounded so much like. he said if he got one of us on the phone out of context, he wouldn't know who it was. we're a funny kind of twins.


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