Sunday, May 23, 2004


what i got.

it's a CD from mister lucky! which was mailed april 8. the postal lady apologized; apparently it was lost in the sunnyside mailroom "for a few days."

the weekend's shows are over, and i'm wiped. all i want to do is watch something brainless. and possibly eat candy, but i'm trying to treat my sickness with expectorant and lots of fluids instead. this show burns me at both ends, and that's the truth. i'm realizing i need another part time job to make ends meet, but given that my weekends sort of have to be reserved for recovery, i'm not sure where i'll plug that in. sigh.

but today he made me breakfast (scones! fresh melon! espresso!), and we whispered into each other's hairlines, and he loves me. i may not be doing well on every count, but i got something.


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