Thursday, May 20, 2004



i'm pretty sure that the universe was listening to me gently, wisely, adultly tell the monkey that he did not need to go to the doctor to have the remnants of his cold treated. but in my defense, the monkey is sometimes sort of a pussy about physical discomfort. and who the hell ever heard of a cold that didn't get better after two weeks? i got the same cold and got better after two weeks, even with a little lingering phlegm.

the universe listened with its best cranky baby face on, and i went to take a nap. i woke up feeling like someone had digested me and left me in the alley. i told the monkey, i feel like butt. this is awful. let's call the doctor.

he very sweetly did not throw it in my face too many times, and when i called him from the train station at eleven pee em after rehearsal, he started running my bath before i even got to the door. we have matching appointments at the free clinic tomorrow.

Best Boyfriend Ever.


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