Wednesday, May 19, 2004



the monkey is not yet recovered from the illness he brought home, and neither am i. i'm sure the sub-standard dry air being pumped out by our extremely loud air conditioner is leaving our throats parched and less able to heal, but still. someone switched seats on the train this morning to get away from my hacking.

the principal at the school got some sort of memo yesterday about it being her duty to set up "monitoring" for my position to ensure that i do, indeed, come into the school three days a week and work with the kids. what she doesn't seem to understand is that we've already worked out a monitoring system, and i am a good person who would never skip out on the kids. she said something when she got the memo about how she never sees me in the building. could this be because she never leaves her office while i am running around trying to find my charges? possibly. i'm not pretending i could do her job, but today she's really on my shitlist.

on the plus side, the monkey and i had delightful dinner company last night, and a half hour make out session that left me feeling like a teenager in a sundress. i spose it all evens out.


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