Friday, April 02, 2004


not so crabbed on the inside.

it's nice to relax back into the warm bath of domestic bliss. i live with someone who loves me, and how many people can say that? and while i know that we haven't cornered the market, i really do wonder what percentage of people are as happy together as we are right now (and i mean generally now, even with my crankisodes and anxiety issues, not only just this minute). in all likelihood i am both incredibly lucky and getting exactly what i deserve.

he is just so good. in the morning, he puts his man-shaped self all over me. his face is soft, his arms are big, he says love like it was something sweet he could put in my mouth. being with him makes me sort of abashed for the paltry stuff i thought was best before. whatever else is going on or not going on, i have this one thing. one thing, one thing, one thing.


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