Monday, April 05, 2004



holy crap. it's "beautiful" outside in terms of beauty=sun, but it is freezing fucking cold. i walked through so much wind, bent over and pace slowed to cartoon-level, on my way to the train i thought i was in a funny movie.

so i'm home now, after hanging out with the monkey and buying new glassware for our apartment (twenty bucks! hefty cool juice glasses and pint glasses that say, "drink cheer!" on them!) and eating gingerbread in the dog park. we made friends with a pit bull named teddy and a border terrier named archie who jumped in the monkey's lap. there was also a gigantic albino great dane and a tiny old blind fluffy dog who kept bumping into us but seemed remarkably high-spirited.

and now i finish reading a new play and do my taxes and revel in the fact that all warnings to the contrary, i am currently happy.


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