Sunday, April 11, 2004


come back later.

it's our first easter together. i can't remember what i did last year, but i know the monkey had a show and we weren't together.

i'm just catholic enough that i feel like today should be a bigger day. since i sort of blew off lent this year, easter doesn't feel like as much a relief as it could, but i'm reminding myself that it's one of perhaps two or three religion-mandated days in which guilt takes a backseat to joy. so i'm just going to stay here with my coffee and my tang (we forgot to buy juice) and not worry.

the shows went well this weekend, but by the time i've come home at three two nights running, sunday morning shapes up to feel like ass. my internal clock gets so fucked i can't sleep, which is really awful when you're that tired. i'm up now, and my foot's getting rubbed, so i'm on my way back to the living. it's almost time for us to honor the monkey's long-standing easter custom of listening to the entire jesus christ superstar album. love means: listening to each other's questionable music.

happy peep, ever-body.


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