Friday, April 09, 2004


c'est creepy.

some of you stalwarts may remember last april, when i told my boyfriend's secret embarrassing snowsuit peeing story, because i thought it was sweet and not embarrassing at all.

someone else finds it, um, sweet as well. this blog used to be googled every few weeks using the search terms "snowsuit + pee," and then it levelled off. i figured whoever it is eventually was no longer able to get much satisfaction over the same tired pee story, and had moved on.

but today--perhaps in honor of the approaching anniversary--he's back!

and i hadn't noticed before, but if his search engine of choice is any indicator, he's french-speaking.

me, i love that story. and i also think that if you have a pee kink, it's your own business and you should read whatever makes you happy. but i think maybe you should just print the fucker out. easier for you, and delivers me of a recurring reminder that someone is sexualizing a story about an eight year old and his endearing pee accident.


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