Sunday, March 28, 2004


turning over a new leather rosebud.

yesterday i was walking in midtown around two pee em, and saw a guy get out of his hotdog cart, spread a plastic dry cleaning bag on the ground and pray towards mecca. i realize i'm describing this as if it were something cuh-ray-zay i saw in the street, the same way people say they saw pigeons humping or a crazy person licking his own arm, but i don't mean it that way. i just liked it, and i liked that he had a half-full snapple next to his improvised prayer mat.

i had lunch with a baby after that, and then went shoe shopping. although i'm approaching areas of poverty previously unknown to me, i had a credit at macy's and needed shoes for svetlana's wedding. i agonized for half an hour over small black slides with demure bows, or higher black sandals with straps and a black leather flower on the toe. i even called my boyfriend, although i'm unsure how i thought that could help. anyway. i have new shoes.

and i chose the gaudier pair, which i hope heralds a new beginning in the closet department. after about four years, i am finally tired of eighty percent of my clothes being grey, black or brown. i love that shit, but i've been walking around this new york realizing that it is not the same runway i'm used to. people dress here, and they do it in technicolor. when i admitted to a group of women acquaintences that i only own black and brown shoes, they goggled in horror. it's spring. it's time to dress up and buy something orange.

in case i haven't mentioned, the other reason i know it's spring is that the monkey brought home an armload of cherry branches the other day, from the florist. he said, i thought maybe you'd be homesick for the cherry trees in spring. he's right. he's also incredibly great.


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