Wednesday, March 24, 2004


join me!

i was oddly intrigued and bafflingly encouraged by salon's reportage from a frustrated midlist author. sort of in keeping with my allentown excursion, it's useful to see other people with lives i think i envy dealing with similar dissatisfaction (and that's not just the schadenfreude talking, or however you spell that). maud, who i'm going to see this weekend, mentioned that the author manages to come across as neither clever nor deserving of symapthy; perhaps that's what i liked best about the story.

in other news, i have learned to play one of those clapping hand games (gradeschool girls will remember these from the playground) called "i won't go back to mexico." while we're speaking of failed (or at least delayed) literary ambitions, i think "i won't go back to mexico" would make a great title for something. right up there with what my allentown friend came up with on sunday: "Does This Vagina Make Me Look Fat?"

another of my very most admirable friends is pregnant, and buying a wonderful house to boot. to them i say, mazel tov. i'm pretty sure no one can do it better than you guys can.

yesterday on the subway i saw an ad poster that rivalled the michelob lady made out of beer in terms of how much it freaked me the fuck out. there's a graphic of a stylized golden birdcage, door open, this bird has flown. giant letters spell out 1-800-INNOCENT! and the text above the number reads,

"for when spending a night in jail is not an option."



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