Friday, February 06, 2004


update on my drama (therapy)

the guy called back at five. we talked, and he sounded reputable and kind. the program is still funded with the money initially set aside for 9/11 after-effects, although they see much more varied stuff this long since the tragedy. it's one on one time with individual kids, most likely in west harlem, three days a week at a set hourly wage (which is slightly, though significantly enough, more than i'm making hourly now). bottom-line-wise, it means a net loss of about $55 a week, but only three work days instead of five. it sounds like the work is hard, and sometimes frustrating; the schools don't have a lot of money and some of them sounded sort of . . . well, zoo-like, in terms of the ratio of kids to adults.

i think i'd like to do it, assuming there's some flexibility for auditions and, of course, that he offers it to me. i recited my history of working with kids as a drama teacher, and said he thought i sounded like a good fit.

i'm not crazy, right? i'm a little worried that the, um, five hundred a week i've been making answering phones is pretty much as little as i can scrape by on. it was going to go down to four fifty, assuming the company extended health insurance benefits to me, but that was four fifty including medical and dental. this will be four fifty with no benefits, and possibly no opportunity to save for a rainy day, a pap smear or a root canal. then again, it's only three days a week. maybe i could find another small part timey job to make up the difference. possibly.

maybe i'm just excited about something different.


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