Wednesday, February 04, 2004


i'm a perp.

first, let me bate: i did not know that the best one's groundhog/nip joke was also john stewart's leading line for the monday episode of the daily show (substitute "masturbation" for "frigidity") until i saw the re-run at seven pee em last night. comic geniuses clearly think alike.

second, it was very rainy and awful last night as i trekked to penn station, meaning i was less than patient when it came time to encounter the hordes of people streaming out of the subway system towards their amtrak and LIRR connections, the ones who make sure no one who needs to get *in* to the subway system can use the turnstiles in the reverse direction. when one of the service doors opened, i went through it--i have an unlimited metro card; there was no net loss of revenue to the city, and i was not stealing. i was, however, stopped by a plainclothes transit cop and sat down on a pee-smelling bench for twenty minutes while he made sure i didn't have a warrant. then he gave me a sixty dollar ticket. i find this ridiculous, and plan to appeal.

still. i'm sort of happy. i have less to do this week, and more time to appreciate the monkey, who's treated last week's annoying schedule with infinite tenderness. i find him delicious, and am buying him cupcakes today to prove it.


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