Tuesday, February 17, 2004


the cat's in the cradle.

biggest pluses of a few nights in my parents' house include

*hearing the story, for the first time, of the only other man my mother ever slept with, and how much she liked him.

*recording my dad playing blues guitar to keep in my archives and remember for all time, no matter what.

*the beautiful rain, and getting lost on our way back from a town with only one stop light.

*my cat franny has decided she loves me again.

*being tolerant of my mother's brand of false presentation and realizing it's not that hard.

*knowing i'll see seattle in about 24 hours.

*i love those parents so much. god bless 'em.

i worry sometimes that every thougt about them, both the frustrations and the happinesses, come with this little tag attached that says, watcha going to think about this after they're dead? i think that's awful. but everytime i get impatient, or everytime i'm lost in a hug, a little voice says, remember this for later! always be nice! savor their relative youth! tell them you love them each time one of you gets in a car, because you never know!

i'm trying to stop. sure do love them, though.


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