Friday, February 06, 2004


baby, it's cold/icy/slushy/gross outside.

i'm calling the drama therapist today. i just found out the program he's looking for help with is one that provides mental health services to people, including public school kids, having trouble coping with what happened september eleventh. there might be a more important job somewhere, but probably not one that i'm qualified for. anywhere.

i had a hard time leaving the apartment this morning, what with the monkey still in his sweats and stubble and bedhead, and the roiling grossity of the weather. especially since i had to go all the way downtown to my new pretend agent's office and drop off headshots. i braved it, though--and when i got to the office, i was unnerved. it was smaller and messier even than this one, except the mess was made out of headshots. there was one grumpy old man there--not my pretend agent, who is a woman--with droopy trousers and a dirty face, who seemed to think my "agent" only represented children, so could i please bring in headshots of my kids? he did, however, ask if i did "audience shows." i was unsure about this, as most shows, in general, do have an audience. it turns out, though, that working an "audience show" means getting paid forty-five bucks to sit in the audience of, in this case, The People's Court, while they tape. all day.

it might be one of the few dayjobs more soul-sucking than this one. thanks, pretend agent. hope you don't ask the children to do that.


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