Friday, January 30, 2004


well, that happened.

i set the alarm for five, so i could be out by 5:45, so i could be at the theatre in soho at 6:30, which was when the monkey suggested i arrive in order to be one of the first five people there.

i was one of the first five, all right. no one else showed up until seven. there weren't five of us on line until seven-thirty. by eight o'clock, there were only ten.

i misjudged how many people would show up for this audition in the blistering cold, knowing we'd have to queue outside. my feet went numb at the ankles after the first forty five minutes. it was truly miserable. the worst was at nine, when the folks running the audition showed up (hopping blithely out of a warm cab) and announced, we'll try to get you inside as soon as possible! and proceeded to keep us out there twenty more minutes while they "configured the room." since "the room" was "a costume closet," i think this was unnecessary. they also wouldn't let us in until we'd all signed the sign in sheet, which was circulated outside. it was so cold that the pen wouldn't work--the ink inside it froze. when one of the girls painfully knocked on the door and told a casting person, "we can't sign up because the pen is frozen solid," the casting person opened the door two inches and HANDED HER ANOTHER PEN.

it was so cold i started crying. i was wearing as many clothes as is humanly possible, and still had to do ice-footed jumping jacks to keep from going numb.

i got in, though, and did my thing and Casting Lady seemed to like it. the whole shebang was over in three minutes. a three hour wait in the deep freeze for a three minute audition with inanimate feet.

i'd actually be fine now if i hadn't woken myself up at three thirty this morning, sure that my alarm would fail to go off. i had six hours to sleep, and i starved myself of one-and-a-half of them with my twisted worry. now i have a headache like an ice pick in the temple and am seriously considering taking a nap on the polish intern's couch, since no one is in the office today.

on the plus side, nothing exploded on me today.


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