Friday, January 23, 2004


thank me.

i hope going part time is really going to fix this job. i mean, fix it so i don't want to quit until something genuinely better comes along. today i got actual assignments and have had to actually DO them all day, which i wouldn't mind so much except i'm horribly tired and scratchy throated, and i have performance art to think up for tomorrow and i haven't even started.

the workshop is fine, except that the short plays are more like--well, performance art, which i'm not so good at. and having to constantly develop tiny new pieces is a great way to get to know someone's work, but it spells hell for perfectionists. this thing is like ten days in a row of 14/48.

i feel like an old dog.

also, that sales guy? he's mad at me or something. i don't know what i did (i'm scaring myself with fantasies that he saw how much web surfing i was doing early last week), but he now responds to me monosyllabically, if at all.

when i grew up, it was considered polite to say thank you when someone did your clerical errands for you, even if you were paying her.

this office is full of total chodes.


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