Monday, January 19, 2004


part-time lovah.

i know none of you could relax all weekend without hearing the results of my take-this-job-and-shove-it routine. it ended up less dramatic than i thought . . . they actually offered to make me part-time, which could solve this whole mess. some checking is being done to see how "feasible" that is . . . so it's not a done deal. if it works out, though, it's a huge load off. i can stand almost anything for six hours; it's nine-plus-commute that's a harder sell.

Things I Did This Weekend Include:

*got a spontaneous manicure. i was twenty-five minutes early to meet the best one for brunch, and i passed bloomie nails, and . . . well, well. my nails are now #45 Wicked. i think it looks oddly like a nail disease, but that's not all bad. both best one and the monkey are fans, and the polish hasn't chipped yet, which is a new record. more importantly, i had no idea how it would feel for someone to pay that much attention to my paws for half an hour. if only i'd known about this when i was single, i thought. there were so many times i would have paid someone far more than twelve dollars to hold my hand for thirty minutes.

(also, the manicurists all had name tags with caucasian names on them. jenny, sonya, esther, cindy. their licenses were posted behind their stations with their other names on them: eun hee, kyung, shan. esther/kyung actually put me into my coat when i was done, so i wouldn't spoil the finish. she didn't like how i wrapped my scarf, so she re-did it, while confiding in a think accent, "i don't know what the hell i'm doing." then she buttoned my coat for me. twelve dollars!)

*forgot to get off my train at times square. i was sitting in a stupor in there, having achieved a magical balance with my many bags, so that none of them were stressing my tired arms but none were on the gross slushy train floor. we stopped, and some folks got off, and then this really large dark-skinned man in a big puffy coat lept up and got out. i thought for a minute, then looked out the window: 42nd, times square. i jumped out the doors (with all my bags, praise be) as they were closing, and the big guy turned around. i grinned and yelled, i forgot, too! and he roared with laughter and stuck his giant arm out and clapped me on the back. we're friends.

*saw bishop allen at the tank. there are three dollar beers at the tank. i think we were the oldest people there. the show was good, even though the monkey and i got into an inexplicable fight.

*had make-up make-out.

*went to an apartment open house. the place is in a full service building, with a concierge, a gym, live-in maintenance crew and gated entry. it had a bathroom and kitchen possibly nicer, if smaller, than the ones in my parents' house. also, while it doesn't appear to be the perfect place for us, we could actually have afforded it.

*had my first random subway sighting. on my first trip to new york, trudging through the underground walk from times square to port authority, i remember the first guy i thought i would marry saying, "did you see that? those two guys who passed and said hello? that's so rare. that never happens in new york, just seeing someone you know randomly on the street." it happened to me yesterday, for the first time, and it was one of my favorite people. this is my town.

*didn't cry about my job.

*was "warm" outside for the first time in a week.

all of this together lead to one of those great new york days on sunday, the ones where you're glad you live here and you think just maybe, if you're very good, it's all going to work out.


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