Wednesday, January 07, 2004


i am an assistant.

i am an assistant. it happened yesterday. after a series of essay questions, an interview, a take-home writing assignment and about three weeks of waiting. i'm making less money than i was in seattle, and the position is a little less autonomous (which i guess should be obvious since i'm an assistant), but it is a huge weight off. new york for the unemployed, at least this unemployed, is sort of a living video game. you navigate around trying to avoid anything that will make you spend money, like bars, like vintage clothing shops, like the whole foods market in chelsea. no more. i can now afford to buy organic.

it's full time, which scares me, but i can tell i'm more comfortable having to jockey for auditions/writing time with the job on the stove than i am cobbling together some kind of income from happenstance odd jobs and part-time work. health insurance is good, especially when i have a bad tooth i was about to knock out with a brick.

apparently the universe reacts well to whining. but i'm not pushing it. it's a night to be thankful, and i am. but less so for my new day job (code name: what fresh hell), sweet relief as the news is, than for my great good friend kate, who announced to me yesterday that she and her husband are reproducing.

it's early to say, but i bet in about eight months the world is going to have another really boffo person in it, and i'm glad.


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