Monday, December 01, 2003


you say you want a revolution.

i wouldn't even know about this if it weren't for maud's site, that's how far from the zeitgeist i dwell.

funny, though; theatre kids, especially the great majority of us who come from such geekdoms as band, film club, D&D, amnesty international and the school library, are very fond of being inside the club. we curry the favor of those we suspect to be nearer than we to success or ability or a casting director or a pretty girl. we use special words designed to keep the uninitiated out-of-the-know. we exaggerate our own specialness, and agreeably bask if it's ever confirmed. maybe some folks in the larger world are above this behaviour, but i have met very few of them. if bloggers adore small fame and get to pack a few more endorphins into their day because they know a growing body of readers enjoys what they post, who's anyone else to throw stink-bombs into their small pond? jennifer howard doesn't read like enough of a salinger hero to generate admiration by calling everyone else phonies.


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