Wednesday, December 17, 2003


about my global presence.

there has been job paranoia going on. i'm really scared about not finding a way to make ends meet when my unemployment gravy train ends in january. i've been applying for all sorts of appropriate and inappropriate work, much of which seems far lesser (in pay, prestige, cleanliness) than the work i had back home . . . but you know, whatever works.

yesterday, however, i got an email from a recruiter at a giant software company. this guy must have run a search on my old company's name and found my resume posted somewhere, because he's looking to fill an impossibly-technical-sounding position that has everything to do with the software of the last company i worked for. so he sent me an email asking if i was interested.

i am somewhere between 98 and 103% sure that there is no way in hell i can even fake my way through this job. the position has the word "technical" in the name, for one thing, and even though i worked at a software company, i was never very . . . technical. also, the email itself is a study in puke-making software marketing speak, from the "improving of enterprise value" to the "post implementation optimization and application/solution maintenance."

however, i really hope the recruiter does not google on those strings and see this post, because i wrote him back and was all, "yes, that sounds perfect. i am totally interested in ameliorating enterprise value. when can we meet?"

theory being, if someone's dumb enough to hire me for this job, i'm smart enough to ride it until they fire me. hold your thumbs.


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