Sunday, November 23, 2003


speaking my truth near Times Square.

today, the kind folks who are publishing my work in the anthology sent me my contract to sign. turns out i get a copy of the book and thirty-five bucks. nothing says, "professional writer" like thirty five cold clams in cash money, friend.

that piece is not what i'll be reading at TIXE TIXE (pronounced, appropriately, pixie), near times square, on the evening of december 6. i'll be reading my fiction in the company of some talented and attractive writers, including maud and sue, who old-hat readers will remember as the author of The Carpet Foam Story. i have it on good authority that there is a strong chance TCFS will be read aloud on the sixth. please do come.

oh, i feel better. it's been melancholy, including a couple of evenings recently that made me want to head spinning back to a doctor, but i'm okay. we'll figure it out. and i'm happy. all's right enough with my world.


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